World-Renowned Relationship Therapy Couple, Helen & Harville, Joined Gen Z Influencers and Artists Live Onstage To Demonstrate Dialog Life Skills And Why It Works

LAS VEGAS, NV – APRIL 4, 2022 – Dialog Life Skills, the first easy to learn solution that helps the largest generation in history overcome their mental health challenges, is being taught to Gen Z by world-renowned relationship therapy couple Helen LaKelly Hunt (Ph.D) and Harville Hendrix (Ph.D).


For 40 years, Helen and Harville have been teaching people to have better relationships. They and their relationship work were featured on Oprah! 17 times in 20 years. They wrote four New York Times best-selling books and have trained 2800 licensed therapists to teach people the importance of learning to become dialogical. The Dialog process reduces anxiety and creates healthier connections with others.


For the first time, they are being invited by Jaxon John Huffman of Creators Capital to be a Gen Z Ally and teach teens and young adults to have better relationships, so that they have improved mental health and access to more success and joy in their lives.


“We believe there is so much unnecessary suffering in the world and have struggled for years to get our work to as many people as possible,” Helen explained. “Jaxon came up with a way to reach billions of people with our solutions to their relationship and mental health struggles. We would’ve never imagined that solution would be to work with teens and young adults, but we are already seeing beautiful results and that this generation will be the one to take this skill out of the clinic and into the world.”


Friday night at the start of Grammy Weekend, Helen and Harville, along with Gen Z creators  came together to demonstrate how the Dialog process works and to debut Dialog Songs. This multi-platform vision to support Gen Z, is being created by Jaxon John Huffman, of Creators Capital, a company he founded to fullfil a need in the industry for talented entrepreneurs, at a time when we are entering the creative age and the creator economy is booming.


“Dialog Songs represent a new genre of music, co-written by Helen & Harville with our songwriting and production team,” Huffman explains. “The lessons turn into songs, inspired by Helen and Harville’s library of love, a four-decade body of work that serves as our unprecedented access to source material.”


Singer, songwriter and influencer, Melle, kicked off the performance with a set of her songs, produced by 2022 Album of the Year Grammy-winning producer, Kizzo. Her starkly personal lyrics about fighting depression, becoming empowered and the plight of the planet prompted rousing applause from the house full of young people, looking to make their way in the music industry, but discovering the powerful, positive influence Dialog can have on their lives.


“When I was a teen, I tried to take my life twice,” Melle shared. “I’ve been dialoging for eight months, and my mental health has improved. I feel like I am empowered with the skills to have better relationships and thrive.”


Melle’s set led into a medley of Dialog Songs, co-produced by Grammy Award-winner Carlos “Los Da Mystro” McKinney, 18-year-old Nauz and 20-year-old, Matrell.


The set featured:


·      “I Wonder,” about learning how to love without judgement, which has been proven to increase neural plasticity (you can have a heathier brain).


Performed by Jireh, Symphony and Matrell, featuring the Anthemicz


·      “Same Difference” about how to go from rejecting to celebrating difference in our relationships with others.


Performed by Keke and Demarcia, featuring the Anthemicz


·      “Connection,” about using Dialog to improve our relationships and address feelings of anxiety and loneliness.


Performed by Melle, Symphony, Jireh featuring the Anthemicz


·      “Unconditional Love,” which Helen and Harville teach is the third of the three stages of love, when you love someone for who they are, expecting nothing in return.


Performed by Haley West, featuring the Anthemicz


It was clear the power of Dialog Songs resonated strongly with the audience. Kami Kehoe, 18, had this reaction to Haley West, via DM. “Aye, it was dope meeting you last night! Would love to work with u on some stuff! or even some feedback or tips. U killed it on ur performance for real. Love ur voice and ur message.”


Rob Lacy, with Notes for Notes (Las Vegas Recording Arts Program for Youth) declared, “I was inspired by the dialog message you gave. Our recording arts program is located inside the Boys and Girls Club. I’d like to introduce the concept and practice to our kids. A lot of them come from broken homes and rough backgrounds. I’d love to be a Gen Z Ally.”


For more information on learning to Dialog, go to Dialog Life Skills



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