Gen Z Will Lead The World; What Will We Do To Prepare Them?

Creators Capital Presents: EMPOWER GEN Z FOR LIFE, The First Multi-Tiered Action Plan To Do It Arming The Largest Generation in History with Skills To Master Entrepreneurship, Mental Health and Relationship

Social Media Influencers Wanted To Empower Young People To Succeed In Business and Life

MARCH 28, 2022 – What could our future hold if the largest generation in history, one focused on social change, acceptance, self-education and the future of entrepreneurship, were empowered with the skills to lead? The vision for a startup studio with content houses and a dream team of relationship, mental health and entrepreneurship experts is at the heart of CREATORS CAPITAL's goal to equip Gen Z with what they’ll need to effectively lead the world.


CREATORS CAPITAL is founded and led by John Jaxon Huffman, a visionary entrepreneur and Gen Z business partner, who took his own past as a homeless teenager, at one point secretly living in a friend’s closet, found his mentors and turned his passion to succeed into a business. He’s been nurturing the skills of and empowering this generation for close to a decade.


“Our vision is very straightforward,” Jaxon explains. “I work with young adults every day and what I see is a generation uniquely prepared to lead, but who don’t feel empowered to do so. I see mass depression and suicide rates climbing and what is available to them currently is just not good enough. We’re assembling a network of allies unified in purpose across all generations to give Gen Z access to the skills and resources they need to thrive.”


Through Huffman’s work of identifying the next generation of creators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and investors and inspiring them to turn their talents into sustainable businesses, with solid personal and professional skills, he is helping to build the future of entrepreneurship, where Gen Z leads the world.


CREATORS CAPITAL is seeking to empower 300 influencers across all generations with the skills to master Entrepreneurship, Mental Health and Relationships. Are you 1 of the 300?


“Being a creative person saved my life. It gave me something to live for, goals to strive to achieve, and the opportunity to make my dreams happen,” Huffman emphasized. “Because I did it for myself, I strive to be the best in the world at empowering other creators to achieve their full personal and professional potential. Arming the 2.47 billion Gen Z’ers with the ability to be effective entrepreneurs or employees allows these young people to combine their individual genius and creativity with the ability to be independent, savvy and successful business people.”


Singer songwriter and social media influencer, Melle, with almost 1 million followers, shares, “Jaxon has helped me develop my talent and business over the last seven years. I met him when I was fifteen and at the lowest point in my life. He gave me a real purpose. He consistently shows me how important I am and helps prepare me to be a strong woman and leader. He sees my vision and helps me bring it to life in the best possible way.”


“I have worked with Jaxon for the last seven years,” 18-year-old producer and Melle’s brother, Nauz, reflects. “He has helped develop my talent as a producer, helps to connect me with talent and other producers, and helps me develop my business.”


Melle and Nauz’s parents, Angelik Jones and Peter Hanke, added. “We have had the pleasure of watching Jaxon work with and guide our children in their music careers over the last seven years and have been very impressed with his professionalism, creativity and drive. He has helped them to realize their full potential and to reach for it. An inspiring man; we are privileged and blessed to have him on our side, advocating for them and their futures. We love you, Jaxon!”


If you’re an influencer who wants to be 1 of the 300, here’s how to apply:


Fill out your application for the requirements needed to see if you’re a good fit. 


“Jaxon has helped develop my talent and build the business I’ve always dreamt of leading,” Gen Z influencer, Haley West, declared.  “I’ve learned so much and continue to learn so much from him every day. It is because of Jaxon that I am developing an album of my own, I am acting in a scripted web series, I have been trained to be an angel investor from the best in the world, and I’m able to take giant steps toward making all of my dreams my reality. He sees purpose in everyone and helps us all to accelerate in every way. He’s built a family of creators and entrepreneurs and we do nothing but elevate each other.”


Creators Capital is the world’s first startup studio and incubator, with content houses for artists, influencers, entrepreneurs and investors.


We empower creators with the tools, knowledge, connections, and capital to build sustainable businesses by developing their talent, creating their assets and maximizing the value of their work.


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